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Non ferrous scrap metal.

Non ferrous scrap metal services.

A quick reminder about our services...

Imperial Metal Recyclers are a scrap metal recycling facility based on Vanguard Way, Shoeburyness, Southend-On-Sea in Essex.

We pay top prices for your non-ferrous scrap metal - no matter how large or small the amount may be, so why not get in touch or visit our Shoeburyness depot, members of the public are also welcome to use our facility.

We can provide small skips or large containers for your non-ferrous scrap metal, they can be any size you require, from a 6 yard skip to a 40 yard container and they can be permanently sited at your place of work and exchanged for an empty container, as needed. They can also be provided for our "wait and load" service, should this be required.

Large containers for non ferrous scrap metal.

Need a large container for your scrap metal? we can help...

If you need a large capacity container, we are able to provide 20, 30 and 40 yard roll-on containers, delivered to your place of work for permanent placement, or they can also be provided for our "wait-and-load" service.

Small skips for non ferrous scrap metal.

Need something smaller? we can deliver...

If you need a small capacity skip, we are able to provide 6, 8, 10 and 12 yard skips, delivered to your place of work for permanent placement, or they can also be provided for our "wait-and-load" service.

Metal clearance and dismantling services.

From small shop metal clearance to large industrial strip-out...

We have a dedicated team, fully equipped for large industrial metal "strip-out" work. We will visit your premises and we will clear, categorize and weigh the scrap metals, the team will then provide you with a digital print-out of the exact weight and will provide you with regular information throughout the duration of the work, should this be required. We have provided this service to a large number of different clients over the years and we have aqquired a wealth of knowledge in this area, why not get it touch to arrange a visit from one of our estimators who will call and evaluate the job and give you advice on some of the common pitfalls encountered with this type of work should it be needed.

Identifying non ferrous scrap metal.

How do i find out which metal types are which?

The basic rule for identifying non ferrous scrap metal is as follows. Place a magnet onto the surface of the metal in question, if a magnet does not stick to the metal, then it is probably made from a non ferrous metal. There are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, this is a great way to quickly determine the type metal you have.

Non ferrous scrap metal types.

There are many different types of non-ferrous scrap metals, here are some typical examples...

Scrap alluminium: sheets, engine blocks, wire, aircraft parts etc.
Scrap brass: taps, ornaments, pipe fittings, door knockers etc.
Scrap copper: pipes, joints, boiler tanks,ornamental objects, wire of all types etc.
Scrap lead: pipes, roofing rolls and flashings, window beading, lead car batteries etc.
Scrap stainless steel: taps, sink basins, pipes etc.
Scrap zinc: sheets, ornamental objects etc.
Scrap gold, rings, chains, bracelets, ornamental objects.

When we purchase non ferrous scrap metal.

A note regarding our scrap metal purchasing policy...

Under UK law we are required to see proof of identification before any transaction, so, if you are a new customer, please remember to bring your proof of identifcation, such as a photo-card driving licence or a valid photo passport, we only require this for the first visit to our facility, we do not require identification for return customers.

Imperial Metal Recyclers do not purchase any stolen scrap metal of any description. We reserve the right to refuse any scrap metal that we believe to be stolen. Imperial Metal Recyclers are proud to be working with Smartwater metal theft protection, and we reserve the right to refuse any metals marked with smartwater theft protection paint. Why not click here to learn more about the Smartwater metal theft protection technologies that are spear-heading the fight against UK metal theft.